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Last year, we joined forces with our incredible collaborators, Performing International Plays (PIP), embarking on a journey that perfectly aligns with our longstanding dedication to bringing plays from around the world to local audiences and communities. This collaboration has been a dream match, given our shared commitment to promoting cross-cultural exchange and using theatre as a powerful tool for exploring topical themes that concern us all.

Our excitement for this collaboration goes beyond the recent partnership. As huge fans of Margherita Laera’s work for years, the opportunity to work together was an instant YES for us. Her expertise, along with Rachel Toogood’s (our producer extraordinaire), has been invaluable as we passionately planned and developed the PIP x FA workshops together, collaborating with talented facilitators and engaging secondary school students in dynamic explorations of translation, languages and cultures through theatre.

We take immense pride in actively advocating for diversifying the Drama and Languages Curriculum, developing and delivering workshops that resonate with students in multicultural classrooms.

Since we launched this collaboration, here’s a snapshot of what we’ve achieved:

  • Zoomed through countless calls with Margherita and Rachel, buzzing with excitement as we planned our theatrical adventures.
  • Trained and collaborated with 14 talented facilitators designing dynamic workshops
  • Engaged 260 secondary school students across nine workshops, leading them to discover and explore new and familiar languages and cultures.
  • Delivered three facilitator training sessions, fuelling a growing network of practitioners championing plays in translation.
  • Worked on seven plays from around the world, delving into different languages and cultural contexts.

We’re thrilled to have kicked off 2024 by working closely with our local secondary school, Waterside Academy, deepening our connection with our Hackney community.

Here’s to a year brimming with creativity, collaboration and breaking down cultural barriers! And we can’t wait to take these enriching workshops beyond London, bringing the magic of theatre and translation to even more young minds.

Camila & Trine
Co-Founders & Artistic Directors

I loved when we got to devise our own interpretation of the scene, since I really enjoyed being able to convey our ideas to the play to make it our own.

I liked performing the play and learning tongue twisters in different languages.

I liked how it was very interactive and that we did not just translate plays but learnt about the backstory of the plays and the country they were set in as well.

It was a new and great experience. I liked performing the best!

I really enjoyed how we got to watch and learn about the other language cultures through the performances at the end.

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