past productions

Black Swans

by Christina Kettering
Translated by Pauline Wick

The Wetsuitman

by Freek Mariën
Translated by David McKay

Where I Call Home

by Marc-Antoine Cyr
translated by Charis Ainslie

The Warmhouse

by Anna Bro
translated by Paul Russell Garrett

The Unburied

by András Visky
Translated by Jozefina Komporaly

Helmer Hardcore

by Jakob Weis
Translated by Paul Russell Garrett

Professor Bernhardi

by Arthur Schnitzler
Translated & adapted by Judith Beniston with Nicole Robertson

The Applicants

by Peter Albrechtsen
Translated by Paul Russell Garrett

A Doll’s House

by Henrik Ibsen
Translated by Paul Russell Garrett & Siân Mackie

The Contract Killer

by Benny Andersen
Translated by Paul Russell Garrett

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