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Foreign Affairs is a micro theatre company with an adventurous spirit, run by the creative duo Camila França and Trine Garrett.

Our work focuses on theatre in translation, intercultural exchange and collaboration, and performance in unconventional spaces.

Or, in other words –

We bring theatre from around the world into unconventional spaces – mainly to our local community in Hackney, but sometimes we travel further afield (in the past we’ve been known to travel to west London, even).

We work with academic and cultural partners, playwrights and translators to bring acclaimed international plays to English-speaking audiences.

We collaborate with multicultural artists and creatives (locally & internationally) to discover and explore new ways of training performers and theatre-makers, and of making theatre that challenge the status quo.

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our story in a few words

We (Camila & Trine) met during an acting course in 2008 and although we both called London our home, we felt like outsiders in the industry and forever destined to play the “Spanish maid” or “Scandinavian person” – but we wanted more.

And, like that, the idea for Foreign Affairs was born.

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In August 2010, our first performance took place at a derelict pub in Hackney Wick (more accustomed to raves than theatre) lent to us by the “manager” of the space. With no experience of producing or directing, but armed with a knack for problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking, and supported by a motley crew of friends and colleagues, we set out to make a show like no other.

We can’t share the whole story here (we could get into trouble), but to give you an idea, it involved overnight rain through the roof, a friendly audience member who took it upon themselves to ignite our makeshift theatre light by waving their arm (it was a motion sensor work light), and 150 audience members with BYO wine. It was magical in a way only live theatre can be.

Since our maiden voyage, we’ve learned a lot – including a lot about how not to do things – but the fundamental principles of our artistic practice were established on that August evening over a decade ago, which we today call: Theatre beyond borders.

meet the team

Camila França

co-founder & artistic director

Trine Garrett

co-founder & artistic director

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