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I’m Camila França, my pronouns are she/her and together with Trine Garrett, we run Foreign Affairs. We’ve been ‘partners in crime’ for 12 years, and have a great friendship. We’re probably the only two people in the world that find translation sexy!

I trained as an actor – that’s how Trine and I met – but having always been a bit of a ‘jack of all trades’, running a company and juggling many hats was right up my street :) Once in a while, I do get to act, which is always special.

I love meeting people and I find theatre a great place to get to know exciting creative people. I find working with local communities truly inspiring. When I lived in Portugal, I worked as a teaching assistant in drama/movement workshops for children and young people in social care, and at Foreign Affairs you’ll often find me involved in our training programmes for young people.

On the side, I’m also a photographer (yay – more people!!) and if I don’t have my hands too full with producing, performing and everything in between, I often capture some ‘behind the scenes’ snapshots for the company.

What else?

I attribute my love for meeting people to the fact that I have moved over 25 times in my life, always meeting new people and making new connections. I LOVE music and I’m on a very long journey teaching myself the guitar. I love coffee. I speak Portuguese and Spanish. Italian is on my wishlist, but one of my favourite languages is Cape Verdean Creole. I’m dreaming of returning to my aerial practice (silks and static trapeze) now that making theatre and motherhood seem to have found their natural balance.

If you’re looking for a more ‘formal’ bio, you can find it here:

Camila França (she/her) is Co-Artistic Director of Foreign Affairs, a small theatre company based in east London that focuses on translation, intercultural exchange and collaboration, and performance in unconventional spaces.

Originally from Brazil, Camila trained as an actor but her passion for bringing untold stories from afar to local audiences has led to her co-producing and directing many of the company’s artistic and creative programmes. Camila leads the company’s outreach programmes and is passionate about working with local communities.

Recent work includes: Make Theatre with… workshop programme (youth programme director), The Warmhouse, The Blind One & The Mad One, and Where I Call Home (lead producer).

black swans

by Christina Kettering
Translated by Pauline Wick

Would you trust a robot to take care of your elderly mother?

Two sisters face a difficult decision: how to best care for their elderly mother as her health declines. Rosie, a humanoid care robot, seems like the perfect solution. But soon they have to reckon with the unforeseen consequences of bringing an artificial intelligence into their lives.

23 April - 11 May at Omnibus Theatre