black swans

by Christina Kettering

translated by Pauline Wick

Would you trust a robot to take care of your elderly mother?

Two sisters face a difficult decision: how to best care for their elderly mother as her health declines. Rosie, a humanoid care robot, seems like the perfect solution. But soon they have to reckon with the unforeseen consequences of bringing an artificial intelligence into their lives.

Black Swans explores the ethical and moral dilemmas of introducing AI into human caregiving, offering a poignant (and often humorous) look at family dynamics, societal norms and the pervasive influence of technology on our lives.

Christina Kettering’s award-winning play examines the intersection of AI, healthcare and the challenges of caregiving through a female lens. It prompts questions about the boundaries of AI and the essence of compassion in our increasingly digital world.

Black Swans (Schwarze Schwäne) achieved notable recognition when it was first produced in Germany in 2019, winning first prize at the Heilbronn Drama Competition as part of the Science & Theater festival. It gained further prominence by securing a spot in the 2020 EURODRAM Selection, and has been translated into five different languages.

Black Swans was translated into English by Pauline Wick as part of the Foreign Affairs Theatre Translator Mentorship programme in 2020/21.

23 Apr - 11 May 2024

Omnibus Theatre

1 Clapham Common Northside

show details

: ensemble

Camila França as Older Sister

Trine Garrett as Younger Sister

: production team

Ria Samartzi

Lighting Designer
Amy Daniels

Composer/Sound Designer
Jovana Backovic 

Nastazja Domaradzka

Associate Lighting Designer
Graham Self

Creative Producers
Camila França & Trine Garrett

Associate Producer
Ruth Newbery-Payton

Assistant Production Manager / Technical Stage Manager
Lauren Wedgeworth

Engagement Coordinator
Maria Laumark

Learn more about Black Swans, the people behind it and the themes it explores.

Join post-show talks on Thursday 25 April (featuring the creative team) and Thursday 2 May (exploring AI, robotics & healthcare).

Participate in Foreign Affairs’s intimate Theatre Salon on Sunday 5 May, led by a guest artist, for lively discussions and new perspectives.

For industry professionals, a networking event titled: Women in Theatre, will take place on Friday 3 May.

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Black Swans and its engagement programme are funded by Arts Council England and Unity Trust and supported by the Goethe-Institut London and East London Dance.

The production is presented in arrangement with DREI MASKEN VERLAG GmbH München.

production shots

© Tim Morozzo