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5 questions

with Marc-Antoine Cyr & Charis Ainslie

The format is simple: two theatre makers, five questions each …

In this episode, playwright Marc-Antoine Cyr and translator Charis Ainslie, come together online to discuss their work on Where I Call Home.

The podcast was developed in connection with the World (and UK) premiere of the play in November 2021.

Supported by Arts Council England, High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom and Québec Government Office, London.

where i call home

by Marc-Antoine Cyr
translated by Charis Ainslie

‘I’ve had enough of keeping my eyes down, mum.’

Where do you turn when you’re not allowed to belong? To the wolves – where else?

A teacher too eager to ‘celebrate’ cultural differences. A police officer clouded by prejudice. Caught between them, a boy who just wants to go home to his mum, where his identity is not in question. But he’s growing fur, his teeth are becoming pointed… and the wolves are calling him.

Where I Call Home is a play about who belongs, who doesn’t… and who decides.

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