where i call home

by Marc-Antoine Cyr

translated by Charis Ainslie

‘I’ve had enough of keeping my eyes down, mum.’

Where do you turn when you’re not allowed to belong? To the wolves – where else?

A teacher too eager to ‘celebrate’ cultural differences. A police officer clouded by prejudice. Caught between them, a boy who just wants to go home to his mum, where his identity is not in question. But he’s growing fur, his teeth are becoming pointed… and the wolves are calling him.

Where I Call Home is a play about who belongs, who doesn’t… and who decides.

After nearly two years on hold, we’re excited to present the English language premiere of playwright Marc-Antoine Cyr in a translation brought to life by our Theatre Translator Mentorship.


English language premiere

Original title:
Gens du pays


: ensemble

Martin Martin
Sammy Attalah

Kevin Kevin
Raphael von Blumenthal

Lorie Lory
Megan Smith

The Wolves (voice over)
Joe Haddad

Oummi (voice over)
Nadia Nadif

: production team

Creative Producers
Camila França & Trine Garrett

Associate Creative Producer
Mathilde Moulin

Creative Intern (production)
Ulrikke Hermansen

Technical Production Manager
Pembe Tokluhan

Technical Stage Manager
Maria Koutsou

VO Sound Engineer
Molly Barnes

Production Assistant
D’Angelo Ferlance-Oduye

Creative Associate (marketing support)
Eugenia Low

Creative Intern (media production)
Alex Hein

Rehearsal Photographer
Camila França

Trine Garrett

Creative Associate
Franck Jeuffroy

Creative Associate
dramaturgy & embedded criticism
Youness Bouzinab

Sound Designer
Nikiforos Fintzos

Lighting Consultant
Roland Glasser

Whiteboard Artist
Ben Stanley

Design by Trine Garrett with the company

We love sharing international theatre and we’re excited to be bringing Where I Call Home to Hackney in east London (a place we also call home).

It wouldn’t be theatre without a dialogue and we’ve put together a couple of post-show discussions with playwright Marc-Antoine Cyr and members of the creative team, talking about the process of translating and staging the play.

We hope you enjoy!

Thursday 25 November – 20:00 show

Speakers: Marc-Antoine Cyr and Charis Ainslie
Chair: Professor Catherine Boyle

Saturday 27 November  – 20:00 show

Speakers: Marc-Antoine Cyr, Trine Garrett and Youness Bouzinab
Chair: Priscille Rakotonoel

Supported by Arts Council England, High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom, Québec Government Office, London, Canada Council for the Arts and Mill Co. and the Rose Lipman Building, Haggerston (official venue partner).

Presented by arrangement with IPR Ltd, London in cooperation with SACD, Paris.


Images by Tim Morozzo