the blind one & the mad one

by Cláudia Barral

translated and adapted by Almiro Andrade

The Blind One & The Mad One brings us the story of two sisters, weakling civil servant Renata and her haranguing older sister Minka, a former artist who has lost her sight. Whilst waiting for a neighbour to visit, they reminisce about their lives and settle old scores. Can their neighbour be heard over their intense argument? Will she ever come? Their fight comes to a head with a sad revelation for both of them where, engulfed in their memories, they must come to terms with their concept of reality, the limits of their sorority and what can actually be seen.

Touching on themes of solitude and mental health, this gender-bending adaptation of Brazilian author Claudia Barral’s O Cego e o Louco by Almiro Andrade brings together Foreign Affairs artistic directors Camila França and Trine Garrett as the twisted sisters, bringing a strong and powerful piece of contemporary magical realism. This is Barral’s first stage text, and garnered numerous productions all over Brazil and Latin America since 2000.

2018, 2020

UK and English language premiere

Original title:
O Cego e o Louco


: ensemble

Renata Camila França
Minka Trine Garrett

: production team

Direction Almiro Andrade
Movement & assistant director Ria Samartzi (2018)

Design Caio Sanfelice (2018)

Technical support & sound design Jesters Noise Productions (2018)
Technical stage manager Maria Koutsou

Production Camila França & Trine Garrett

thanks to
Almiro Andrade, Ben Stanley, Luca Migliore, Maria Kutsou, Pembe Tokluhan, Paul Russell Garrett, Ria Samartzi and all of our Foreign Affairs members.

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