helmer hardcore – a doll's house 2

by Jakob Weis

translated by Paul Russell Garrett

‘Henrik Ibsen died in 1906, taking the answer of what happened to Nora with him to the grave. Nora was gone once and for all, the author was dead, and from this point, we were left to imagine what became of Nora after she walked out, and many have imagined just this. For Nora’s action was as exotic then as it is now, not to say immoral.

But what about Helmer? Did he just sit in a corner feeling ashamed for the next hundred years or did he become a happier, wilder and greedier man after Nora left – and did he, in reality, end up being a free man rather than a
forsaken one?

Helmer Hardcore is the modern-day story of how Helmer went amok once the door had shut behind Nora.’ – Jakob Weis (2007)


UK and English language premiere

Original title:
Helmer Hardcore


: ensemble

Helmer Will Timbers
Svetlana Krzysia Balińska
The Doctor Jason Denyer
Kristine Polly Attala
Mr Chinaman Hugo Trebels
Victor Réka Somodi (puppeteer)

: production team

Director Trine Garrett
Producers Camila França & Trine Garrett

Lighting Design Roland Glasser

Technical Stage Manager Ria Samartzi

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and the Embassy of Denmark, London.

thanks to
Roland Glasser, The Stanleys, Kamal Prashar, Fiona Watson, MK Films, Brandon Force, Nenagh Watson, Blind Summit.

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