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Perspectives on Black Swans: Reviews & Feedback

Here, you’ll find a collection of reviews from critics and feedback from our audience members about our production of Black Swans. We believe in transparency and value all opinions, so we’ve compiled both positive and constructive feedback for you to explore. Whether you’re curious about what the critics have to say or interested in hearing from fellow audience members, you’ll find it all here.


‘Contemporary, bold and inventive, a beautifully written piece about a pressing subject.’
★★★★ London Pub Theatres

‘… a play about artificial intelligence and whether robots can develop sentience by observing and monitoring human behaviour in close proximity. It captures a world where technology and possibility are now racing at full pelt.’
★★★★ LouReviews

‘The siblings will soon discover the dire consequences of bringing an AI Rosie into their lives.’
★★★★ The Artiscape

‘… ultimately ends up being a play about how the objective and ‘perfect’ machine reflects on flawed, subjective and emotionally messy humanity.’
★★★★ Rev Stan

‘Black Swans cleverly presents the use of AI in the sphere of healthcare in an original way. It highlights the flawed nature of being human; we have our physical limits and an ego that can be easily damaged. However, our human nature is also what gives us compassion and empathy, something an AI robot can only mimic.’
★★★ Theatre News

‘In Black Swans, Christina Kettering and director Ria Samartzi, bring forth a narrative featuring two female protagonists, a rarity in theatre, tackling the weighty responsibilities of daughters and mothers.’
★★1/2 A Young(ish) Perspective

‘Ria Samartzi’s direction opens out the space of the Omnibus in traverse lengthways in a highly effective manner. Alongside Amy Daniels’ subtly shifting lighting design, it permits the world of the play to slide between flashbacks to childhood, sideway shifts in dream worlds and the colder reality of right now where the pair seem doomed to be isolated from each other, even in times of growing crisis.’
There Ought To Be Clowns

‘Black Swans is an intelligent commentary about AI assistance in caregiving, with a formidable script.’
★★★ Adventures in Theatreland

‘Jovana Backovic’s immaculate background music, eerie mechanical hums, threatening piano, and the occasional techno beat, adds a further dash of gloom to proceedings.’
★★1/2 The Reviews Hub

Audience Feedback

Captured on Thursday 26 April.

‘It’s a play that has the potential to talk to anyone because of all the themes it gathers and because of the subjects it asks you to face and think about. Analytical, provoking, unexpected.’

‘It’s a play that’s very relevant in our society because let’s face it, AI is going to come, it’s here, and we have to find ways to deal with an ageing society.’

‘Interesting, deep and a surprise. It was incredible. It was really good. It touched on a lot of topics that are relevant right now.’

‘… a very relevant topic anytime, but with the second part, with the robot, it turns into something else. Challenging, disturbing and exciting.’

‘It takes a rather dark turn at the end, which I think, maybe, I hope is not the future of AI, but it well could be; you never know.’

Audience Club

‘Black Swans is a really thought provoking play, superb script, brilliantly brought to life by 2 talented actors. Definitely 5 stars from me.’

‘The play was excellent – very topical subject, extremely well written, directed and acted. I think that everyone should see it!’

‘I really enjoyed this show! I wanted to see more, the story was performed so well. It left me thinking what if there were robot carers. Then the shock horror!’

‘Really interested in this subject and the play and its performance did not disappoint. Highlights many issues regarding care, sibling and family responsibilities, the increasing use of AI etc.’

‘In my experience some of the very best plays I have seen have been in small theatres with few cast members and this is amongst the very best. A thought provoking subject matter brilliantly brought to life.’

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