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5 questions

with Simone Isabel Nørgaard & Paul Russell Garrett

The format is simple: two theatre makers, five questions each …

In this episode, playwright Simone Isabel Nørgaard and translator Paul Russell Garrett, come together online to discuss their work on The Earth’s Core.

The podcast was developed in connection with a rehearsed reading of the play in March 2023.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

the earth’s core

by Simone Isabel Nørgaard
translated by Paul Russell Garrett

In 1936 Inge Lehmann solves one of science’s great mysteries about the Earth’s inner core. Lehmann dedicates her life to science but never receives full recognition for her massive discovery and contributions, remaining largely unknown in her native Denmark.

The Earth’s Core (2020) brings Lehmann’s story to life, in a play about women and science in the twentieth century. We see Lehmann up close, in her personal struggles, with those closest to her, and with the outside world. A forgotten fate unfolds into a drama spanning both decades and continents.

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