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We recognise the urgent need to address the challenges and negative effects that the theatre industry has on the environment amidst the global climate emergency. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for our industry and taking responsibility for our environmental impact. We have already taken steps towards sustainability, and we are excited to share our ongoing and upcoming actions for the next 18 months.

What we’ve done so far:

  • Reducing Energy Consumption: We unplug electronics when not in use, prioritise natural lighting and ventilation, and opt for energy-efficient transportation, such as cycling, for most of our travel needs.
  • Maximising Reuse & Recycling: We prioritise reusing and recycling materials, especially sets and costumes. We actively source costumes and props from charity and second-hand shops (and return afterwards), extending their lifespan and minimising waste.
  • Minimising Environmental Impact of Communication Systems: We have embraced digital communication methods to reduce paper and ink usage. We also actively minimise travel for meetings by utilising online platforms, which helps us reduce carbon emissions.
  • Choosing Sustainable Materials: Since 2018, we have been consciously selecting sustainable materials for our events. For example, we have switched to compostable options for disposable glasses and cups, promoting responsible waste management.
  • Encouraging Sustainable Choices: We actively promote sustainable choices to our stakeholders and teams, raising awareness and inspiring eco-friendly approaches in the industry.

action plan

Moving forward, we have a clear action plan to further our environmental commitment:

Step 1: Education & Awareness

  • Actively seek out training possibilities and take part in workshops specific to environmental sustainability. We have some training scheduled for autumn 2023.
  • Engage with organisations like Julie’s Bicycle and learn from leading theatres such as Arcola to explore sustainable production practices, including green design, energy-efficient lighting and sustainable sourcing of materials.
  • Incorporate organisational development training focused on environmental sustainability into all funding bids.

Step 2: Create a Comprehensive Policy & Strengthen Sustainable Practices

  • Collaborate with experts and consultants to develop a comprehensive environmental policy that guides our sustainable practices and outlines our further commitment.
  • Seek partnerships with organisations focused on environmental sustainability in the creative sector, leveraging their expertise and sharing best practices.
  • Prioritise sustainable production practices, such as implementing energy-efficient technologies and minimising energy and water usage in our productions and events.

Step 3: Setting Goals & Tracking Progress

  • Conduct an environmental audit to identify areas for improvement and set new targets for reducing our environmental impact.
  • Track progress by monitoring energy consumption, waste generation, and other key environmental indicators.
  • Regularly review and update our environmental commitments to stay aligned with the latest sustainability practices and maintain our dedication to reducing our impact.


Specific Milestones for the Next 18 Months:

  • By December 2023: Complete hands-on training in organisational development with a focus on environmental sustainability.
  • By July 2024: Conduct an environmental audit, using our spring 2024 production (including all stages of operations and artistic processes) as a case study, to identify areas for improvement and set new targets for reducing our environmental impact.
  • By September 2024: Establish a comprehensive environmental policy in collaboration with experts and consultants.
  • By December 2024: Communicate our progress and efforts to our audiences and community (e.g. through an impact report), raising awareness and inspiring others to join us on our sustainability journey.

By following this action plan and achieving these milestones, we aim to strengthen our commitment to environmental responsibility and contribute to a more sustainable future for Foreign Affairs, our community and the industry at large. We greatly value your support and engagement in shaping our environmental efforts. Please feel free to reach out to us at team@foreignaffairs.org.uk with any questions, suggestions, or feedback you may have.

Together, let’s make a positive impact and inspire others to join us in creating a greener, more sustainable world.

Camila França & Trine Garrett
Co-founders & Artistic Directors

Last Updated: 6 June 2023

Please note that this action plan is a living document and subject to revisions as we progress in our journey towards a more sustainable future.