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At the heart of Foreign Affairs is the desire to be an instrument of change, opening people to new experiences, voices and viewpoints with the aim of breaking down social and cultural barriers, championing theatre as a vehicle for social change.

We live in uncertain times with right-wing nationalism on the rise, borders being redrawn and nations closing in on themselves – not to mention the immediate threat of the climate crisis.

Against this backdrop, when international communication and collaboration have never been so vital, we’re proud to invite theatre practitioners and audiences alike from diverse backgrounds into a space where – together – we can discover theatre from around the globe that moves and matters with the aim of inspiring positive change.

As a small independent theatre company, we are proud to have presented twenty-five new English language translations, many of which were UK and world premieres such as The Blind One & The Mad One by Cláudia Barral (Brazil), translated by Almiro Andrade; The Unburied. The Saint of Darkness by András Visky (Romania), translated by Jozefina Komporaly and Helmer Hardcore – A Doll’s House 2 by Jakob Weis (Denmark), translated by Paul Russell Garrett.

Foreign Affairs is a registered not-for-profit organisation and we currently receive no ongoing funding of our running costs. Times are changing, funding for the arts and humanities continues to be cut, and we cannot rely on traditional sources of funding – that’s why we need your support!

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