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Black Swans soars with a powerful female-led team!

We’re thrilled to announce the creative team behind our upcoming production of Black Swans, playing at the Omnibus Theatre from Tuesday 23 April to Saturday 11 May 2024! This production is special for many reasons, but one that stands out is the incredible team of women bringing it to life.

Leading the way as our Director is Ria Samartzi, a dear friend and longstanding collaborator. Ria, a UK-based director, dramaturg, and performance maker from Greece, brings her unique talents and expertise to our production. Since 2015 Ria has worked with Foreign Affairs on several projects, including most recently as production dramaturg on The Wetsuitman. In Black Swans, we (Camila & Trine) have handed ourselves entirely to Ria and couldn’t be happier to follow her lead.

Joining Ria is Lighting Designer Amy Daniels. We first collaborated with Amy during our production of The Wetsuitman, and we knew immediately that we wanted to continue our artistic journey together. Amy’s love for theatre developed at a young age, and her background in English Literature, combined with her extensive experience in production lighting and design, allows her to craft lighting that is both beautiful and thought-provoking.

Complementing our creative team is Composer/Sound Designer Jovana Backovic, a new FA collaborator. Jovana, originally from Serbia, is known for her cinematic soundscapes that blend improvisational and electronic elements. Her work extends beyond theatre, including feature and documentary films. We’re thrilled to have Jovana on board and excited to be collaborating with her.

Another wonderful theatre-maker joining the team is Nastazja Domaradzka, bringing her diverse experience to the production as our Dramaturg. Originally from Poland, Nastazja is a feminist theatre-maker and director whose work has been presented in the UK and internationally. As a long-standing friend of FA, we’re beyond thrilled to finally be working with her on one of our productions – hopefully this will be the first of many.

Guiding the creative team are Associate Producer Ruth Newbery-Payton and Assistant Production Manager & Technical Stage Manager Lauren Wedgeworth. Ruth, also a theatre-maker with a strong background in devised and physical theatre, recently joined our team. She has already become an invaluable team member with a profound commitment to the project. Lauren, another recent collaborator, brings a wealth of experience in stage management, directing and working on touring productions, ensuring the smooth running of our production from a technical standpoint. Together, their complementary skills make them the driving force behind the project, now that we are letting go of our producer roles and – literally – taking centre stage! 😬

Rounding out the team is our wonderful Maria Laumark! Maria has joined us in various capacities in the past and she’s also one of our favourite people! Maria is an award-winning producer, theatre-maker, and facilitator. As Engagement Coordinator, Maria will bridge the gap between the production and the audience. Her experience working in international collaborations and with companies like the Royal Court Theatre ensures a vibrant and inclusive theatrical experience.

As we’re entering week 2 of rehearsals and letting go of our many hats – something unusual to us – we’re filled with excitement and gratitude for this remarkable team of women! Their diverse blend of experiences, perspectives and expertise is guiding us forward with confidence and enthusiasm and we can’t wait to share the result with you!

Stay tuned to our social media channels for more details and how to get involved. We look forward to welcoming you in the near future, for more theatre beyond borders!

Camila & Trine
Co-Founders & Artistic Directors

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