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We’re thrilled to announce our Autumn/Winter Season, which is jam packed with theatre in translation – of course!

November 2022

We’re excited to present the UK premiere of The Wetsuitman by Freek Mariën, translated by David McKay at the Rose Lipman Building, 2-13 November.

We first discovered the play during the 2020/21 edition of our Theatre Translator Mentorship and we were drawn to it from the very first time we heard it.

The play tells the story of a wetsuit washed ashore on a Norwegian beach with the remains of a body inside it. We then follow the ensuing investigation that takes us on a journey through Europe and ends in Syria where the play reveals itself as a portrait of loss.

Our production is the final instalment of the rolling English language world premiere, which kicked off earlier this year with a wonderful production from friends across the pond, The Cherry Arts in Ithaca, NY.

This autumn we’re also …

1. Continuing the fifth edition of our Theatre Translator Mentorship. Following the success of our 2020/21 online edition of the mentoring programme, we’re excited to be delivering this year’s programme in a hybrid format, allowing us to continue to welcome translators based outside of London.

2. Hosting an industry showcase on Friday 4 November in collaboration with Flanders Literature and the Diplomatic Representation of Flanders in the UK, introducing four thrilling plays from Flanders. In addition to staged readings of scenes, the event will include a panel discussion as well as the opportunity to meet the playwrights.

If you’re an industry professional and would like to attend the event, drop us a line at team@foreignaffairs.org.uk.

3. Running another ‘Make theatre with … ‘ workshop programme for Hackney-based young people (18-30). Rooted in our collaborative practice, each programme is developed and designed in conversation with an industry professional with the aim of offering different perspectives and approaches to making theatre – no programme is ever the same!

Stay tuned for further details.

January 2023

To round off our Autumn/Winter season, we’re hosting our biennial Theatre Translation Showcase on Wednesday 25 & Thursday 26 January 2023. Introducing the works of acclaimed playwrights from Norway, Hungary, Italy and Mexico to English-speaking audiences, the showcase is the culmination of the fifth edition of our Theatre Translator Mentorship.

We look forward to welcoming you for more theatre beyond borders in the near future!

Camila & Trine
Co-Artistic Directors

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