We believe in creating ties and developing relationships. Offering a space to meet people, exchange ideas and nurture relationships is at the core of our work and our annual Spring Equinox celebration has become the ideal opportunity for us to do just that.

Back in 2016 we hosted our first Spring Equinox show, with the purpose of sharing the latest work developed by our international ensemble of theatre-makers without the pressure or restrictions of a full production. It also gave us the ideal opportunity to invite audiences (both new and familiar faces) into our world and for them to meet the company under informal settings.

The format of our Spring Equinox show is very much inspired by the early days of [Foreign Affairs] of secret one-off events at unconventional venues around London (anyone remember the Lord Napier and our motion sensor lighting back in 2010?); audiences and performers alike were swept off on thrilling and unexpected theatrical journeys never to be repeated again. These early days of making theatre in non-traditional venues has become one of the cornerstones of our work.

Today the event is an opportunity to not only share our evolving practice but also to launch our upcoming season, giving audiences a first-hand opportunity to discover what’s in store for the next twelve months. We couldn’t think of a better time to do that than the vernal equinox, where we in the northern hemisphere say goodbye to winter and welcome the spring.

We want to make sure that our Spring Equinox show is accessible to everyone so we’ve made it part of our Pay What You Can (PWYC) programme, because your engagement, participation and support mean the world to us, and we’re grateful for whatever support you can give!

All funds raised during the event will go directly towards supporting the work of our international ensemble of theatre-makers, enabling us to take our work to the next level, to continue to make theatre that knows no borders, and to bring our work to new places and new audiences.

Spring Equinox 2018

Saturday, 24 March

Doors 7.30PM

Rose Lipman Building

43 De Beauvoir Rd
N1 5SQ

Tickets – PWYC

£6, £9, £12, £15


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Rose Lipman Building
43 De Beauvoir Rd
N1 5SQ