‘As a theatre company we aim to bring people together through shared stories from our neighbours around the world that can inspire, enlighten and engage. In a cultural landscape where the Brexit decision has only highlighted the need for tolerance, understanding and empathy we continue to cultivate a space to promote multicultural exchange and dialogue.’ – Trine Garrett – Co-Artistic Director [Foreign Affairs]

For the past seven years we have been committed to providing a space where UK and international performers from diverse cultural backgrounds can actively work together, listen to one another and make a difference through art.

Born out of a desire to expand the ways we share our work, the Open House mini festival was conceived to open up the company’s inner workings to the general public, offering insight into the company’s working practices in a relaxed and creative environment. Launching our mini festival this year, we will be opening our doors with a collection of events aimed at engaging audiences, collaborators and friends of the company whilst celebrating these relationships!

Theatre that knows no borders, placing humanity centre stage!

We are committed to continue connecting with artists, our audiences, and local community groups; uniting people through theatre to share stories from all corners of the world that can lift, inspire and bring about optimism.

Making the tickets for the festival free is our way to help make the arts as accessible as possible however, as a non-subsidised company any support you can afford to give us, makes a huge difference to us.

Please consider supporting our work today by making a donation or becoming a friend so we can continue to bring people together to train, to talk, to listen and to participate.

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Open House 2017

Friday 23 June, 8pm

Talk: World Theatre in Brexit Britain – Roles and Responsibilities of World Theatre in Brexit Britain – why is it important to take action now? As an international arts organisation focused on translated work, we are stopping one year after the Brexit vote to reflect on the possible cultural ramifications of Brexit in these changing times.

Saturday 24 June, 8pm

Rehearsed reading of the play Porn by award winning playwright András Visky, with an international ensemble of actors, followed by a talk with the creative team.

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