We love sharing international theatre and are truly excited to be bringing Visky’s work to east London. It wouldn’t be theatre without a dialogue and we have put together a series of post-show discussions with creatives and experts in the areas of theatre and translation throughout the week.

Author & Translator – Monday 20 & Tuesday 21 November

How does a personal story connect with a wider audience? In these talks Visky, who often explores themes of gender, justice and trauma in his works, will give you an insight into his personal work approach and discuss his dramaturgical theory in which he considers the theatre as a space for exploring feelings of cultural and personal captivity. Visky will be joined by translator Komporaly to offer her input on the translation process of Visky’s work and thoughts on the theme of gender in contemporary theatre.

Women in Theatre – Wednesday 22 November

“If young women want to go into the arts and they are not seeing their gender reflected that is a problem – you can’t be what you can’t see.” Lynda Rooke, chair of the women’s committee at Equity. Addressing the gender inequality on which the theatre industry is built despite women making up the large proportion of audiences, Kay Michael, Lara Parmiani and Nastazja Somers will provide an insight into the challenges and barriers women face in the arts and about some of the ways they are contributing to changing this male-led landscape.

Theatre in Translation – Friday 24 November

“Of all translators, theatre translators should not be locked away in a room translating for days on end without seeing another living soul […] they should be invited to participate, to investigate, to collaborate with theatres, working alongside theatre practitioners and actors.” – Paul Russell Garrett

According to the British Theatre Repertoire Survey, in 2013 only 3.2 per cent of all the plays performed in the UK were in translation. – www.iti.org.uk

Join Paul Russell Garrett and William Gregory, members of our expert translation team for a brief panel discussion on the the current translation landscape and where theatre sits within this. We will discuss how our translation programme came about and its importance within the wider field of translation.

The talk will be chaired by Daniel Hahn.

Collaborative Theatre-Making – Saturday 25 November

Want to find out more about the performance you’ve just seen? Want to know more about our collaborative approach to making theatre or how to make theatre for unusual and exciting venues? Simply stay on after the final show for this discussion with directors Camila França and Trine Garrett and members of the company where you will get the chance to ask these questions and more.

The Unburied. The Saint of Darkness

by András Visky
translated by Jozefina Komporaly

20 – 25 November 8.00PM
Doors 7.30PM

Rose Lipman Building
43 De Beauvoir Rd
N1 5SQ

Post-show talks:
20th & 21st – Author & Translator
22nd – Women in theatre
24th – Theatre in translation
25th – Collaborative theatre-making

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Rose Lipman Building
43 De Beauvoir Rd
N1 5SQ