are distinctions such as ‘native’ and ‘non-native’ becoming irrelevant in a globalised society?

In this talk, English <> Polish literary translator Marta Dziurosz talks to invited guests about “non-native” and collaborative translation, the bias towards/surrounding bilingual translators and the notions of ‘language ownership’ and ‘collaboration vs chaperoning’.

Chair: Marta Dziurosz

Speakers: Anton Hur, Lúcia Collischonn and Valentina Marconi


Thursday 20 August
15:30 – 16:45

Online event
Zoom webinar


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chair and speakers

Marta Dziurosz

Marta Dziurosz translates and interprets across Polish and English. She was Free Word Centre’s last Translator in Residence and now combines literary translation with negotiating contracts for the publishing house Pan Macmillan, organising literary events and writing. She is also a member of the Translators Association Committee. Her most recent publication is a co-translation of the New York Times bestseller, Renia Spiegel’s Renia’s Diary: A Young Girl’s Life in the Shadow of the Holocaust and her translation of Marcin Wicha’s Things I Didn’t Throw Out is forthcoming from Daunt.

Anton Hur

Anton Hur is a Korean translator. For eight book translations both published and upcoming, he has won the PEN Translates and PEN/Heim grants as well as numerous other grants from the Literary Translation Institute of Korea, the Korea Publishing Industry Promotion Agency, and the Daesan Foundation. He is a Korean citizen living in Seoul and Incheon, Korea.

Lúcia Collischonn

Lúcia is a Brazilian-German translator and PhD candidate in Translation Studies at the University of Warwick. She takes special academic and professional interest in Exophony in creative writing and translation, that is, writing literature in a foreign language and translation into and out of one’s mother tongue. Exophony was the theme of both her Master’s dissertation and her current PhD research. She has special interest in the works of Yoko Tawada, having recently translated the novel Etüden im Schnee (2016) which was published in Brazil in May 2019, and the poem Der erste Nachtgesang published in the latest edition of the Journal No Man’s Land.

Valentina Marconi

Valentina is a translator working with Italian, English and BCSM. She translates fiction and non-fiction and has received two awards for the translation of children books. Valentina has translated for the stage for the Royal Court International Residency, Foreign Affairs and Italy Uncovered. Recently, she has been working with a group of actors and a theatre director on the translation of a multilingual play. She facilitates translation workshops for children, and loves watching her young audience cracking the code of a new language. Valentina is also a scientist based at the Zoological Society of London.

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