[Foreign Affairs] presents three brand new world theatre translations live on stage.

This evening of new translation extracts, to be performed at the Rose Lipman Building on 18 and 19 January 2019, is the culmination of [Foreign Affairs] Translates! a six-month workshop programme to help develop and promote theatre in translation.

This year we have another trio of translators who will be working with a team of language and theatre translation experts alongside our team of theatre-makers and actors. The translators will bring the words of Marc-Antoine Cyr (Québec), Franz Xaver Kroetz (Germany) and Martha Márquez (Colombia) from page to stage.

Recognizing that translation is so often a solitary process [Foreign Affairs] Translates! was designed to give theatre translators the opportunity to see their work performed whilst still in development, bringing them closer to live performance by immersing them in theatre practice and giving them the tools to facilitate a more symbiotic relationship between performance and text.

The public sharing will comprise performed extracts from Charis Ainslie’s translation from French of Marc-Antoine Cyr’s play Where I Call Home (Gens du pays); Iwona Luszowicz’s translation from German of Franz Xaver Kroetz’s play Man Alive and Santiago Godoy Giraldo’s translation from Spanish of Martha Márquez’s Asian Souvenir (Souvenir Asiático). The sharing is directed by artistic directors Trine Garrett and Camila França.

18 & 19 January 2019

8PM (doors 7:30PM)


£10/£8 concessions

Group rate: 15% discount on bookings of 8 or more people.

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The Plays

Where I Call Home

Where I Call Home by Marc-Antoine Cyr is a play about racism, identity and what it is to be French (or British, with a few changes). School teacher Kevin has never had such a “colourful” class, so he’s come up with the idea of “The Big Project” – getting to know each other. His partner, a police officer, is holding a suspect – a minor, who claims he hasn’t done anything. He just wants to go home to his mum, to a place where his identity is not in question. But he’s growing fur, his teeth are becoming pointed … and the wolves are calling him …

Man Alive

Man Alive by Franz Xaver Kroetz This play concerns mini-tragedies: a man unable to ask his boss for his favourite pen back; a woman standing at the supermarket checkout without enough money; a son telling his father he’d rather be dead than turn out like him. Through the small events of everyday life, Xaver Kroetz creates an exploration of human purpose, and the balance between living for others and living for ourselves.

Asian Souvenir

Asian Souvenir by Martha Márquez explores the theme of migration; it’s a collection of stories of people from all around the world who are war victims, asylum seekers or have left their homelands in search of a better life. The play takes place is a series of containers at the port of a fictional city in which, on arrival, an unspecified newcomer becomes the witness of each one of these stories. Based on real events, Asian Souvenir offers a closer look at the particular situation of the human beings involved in this global and immensely relevant subject.

Creative Team

Andrew Barton
Anja M. Jacobsen
Dom Goldberg
Eddie Toll
Eugenia Low
Irene Panni
James Dart
Kate Barry

Marc-Antoine Cyr
Franz Xaver Kroetz
Martha Márquez

Charis Ainslie
Iwona Luszowicz
Santiago Godoy Giraldo

Trine Garrett with Camila França

Paul Russell Garrett
Roland Glasser
William Gregory

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