A public creative laboratory

Where is home? What is home? And what does Brexit really mean?

The date is set (29 March 2019), ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and the UK is preparing to leave the EU, deal or no deal!

In response to the Pandora’s box that the Brexit vote has unlocked, we have felt compelled to explore the concept of home in our adopted homeland, with the aim of having an active voice in a debate we in many ways were not invited to participate in.

Through language, translation and theatre we have sought to interrogate the meaning of home in response to the current political climate, media discourse and public debate surrounding Brexit.

We will share our discoveries during a one-week public creative laboratory entitled A Place Called Home at the Rose Lipman Building (our artistic home) in Haggerston, east London.

Over the course of that week, we will host a plethora of theatre events that explores the meaning of home in a multitude of ways. We will open our performance space to our communities, bring award-winning drama – and more – from our native countries (Brazil and Denmark) and share our current ensemble production in development which explores the impact of the uncertainties surrounding Brexit.

We are both nervous and excited but we cannot wait to welcome you to [Foreign Affairs] – the home of theatre that knows no borders!

Camila & Trine


Tues. 20th & Weds. 21st

The Warmhouse

– staged reading & Danish supper club

Thurs. 22nd, Fri. 23rd & Sat. 24th

The Blind One & The Mad One

Sun. 25th

Dinner Means Dinner

and other sayings …

Home Sweet Home


The Warmhouse

staged reading and Danish supper club

20 & 21 November, 8PM

The Blind One

& The Mad One

featuring Camila França & Trine Garrett

22, 23, 24 November, 8PM

Dinner Means Dinner

and other popular sayings …

25 November, 8PM