[Foreign Affairs] was founded in 2010 by Brazilian Camila França and Dane Trine Garrett.

We met while studying the Meisner Technique under Scott Williams at the Impulse Company in London. During the two years of training together, we formed a close friendship and a strong working relationship which became the foundations of [Foreign Affairs].

Looking to create a space that would allow us to tackle the work we wanted to do regardless of our casting type or accents, we started the company to create work for ourselves and for like-minded actors. Connecting with people from around the world created a desire to share their voices, highlighting similarities and celebrating differences between our cultures.

The company still adheres to its founding ideal: to cultivate a creative environment in which people from all walks of life can come together to explore work and develop new and exciting ideas to share with the world.

What drives us

At the heart of [Foreign affairs] is the desire to be an instrument of change, to open people up to new experiences. Working with our collaborators, partners and fellow artists inspires us to constantly better ourselves and work towards becoming a leading international theatre company. We are passionate about telling stories from around the world and introducing and connecting different cultures through theatre that is inspiring, brave and empowering.

Seven years of [Foreign Affairs] in numbers

From derelict buildings to international law firms, we performed in some interesting and challenging venues!

Artists and participants
Venues (of which only 6 were theatres)
Translations into the English language
UK and World premieres

Art beyond theatre

Three plays published over two publications, a short film, a documentary, a radio play and a podcast.

[Foreign Affairs] – Making theatre that knows no borders, placing humanity centre stage!

Where we are going

Our theatre translation programme now proudly sits at the core of our work, allowing us to regularly engage in new translation based partnerships to discover, explore and share other cultures, presenting a wide variety of world theatre in the English language.

By developing our own theatre practice, investing in our core ensemble of international actors and building on international partnerships created on our doorstep, we will look to expand our collaborations and reach nationally and internationally, bringing our professional development programmes and creative work to new audiences.

We need your help

We believe that by carrying out our work we can make the change we want to see in the world and you can help!

Become a friend and help us move our work to the next level, to continue to make theatre that knows no borders and to take our work to new places and audiences.

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