Inspired by the belief that love, now more than ever, needs to be cultivated, we are very excited to announce the launch of the [Foreign Affairs] Love Campaign!

As part of our belief that ‘we are the change we want to see happen in the world’ this campaign is aimed to share what unite us regardless of our differences. What brings us together is stronger than what separates us and so, each month we will be sharing things we value and love and we will be putting a spotlight on some of our favourite people, without whom [Foreign Affairs] would not be the same.

We invite you to join us in spreading love, in discovering more and exploring beyond your own borders, connecting with people and allowing yourself to be inspired and to inspire!

We will be sharing our love over social media and through our newsletters and we invite you to join us – #FALoves and have your say!

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Luca Migliore 2017 love 2017
December 7, 2017

Luca Migliore

A thoughtful and extremely talented photographer, Luca has been documenting the company’s activity over the last year. As you may have seen, he has gifted us an incredible record of...
love 2017
November 2, 2017

Rose Lipman Building

Our home for three years now, the Rose Lipman Building has welcomed us with open arms. The various spaces in this amazing building have seen six [Foreign Affairs] site-specific productions to...
love 2017
October 3, 2017

Will Timbers

Will joined the company in 2013 as part of our Chekhov production To Moscow With Love and we haven’t let go of him since. An extremely talented actor with a...
love 2017
September 5, 2017

William Gregory

We first met William in 2014 when he appeared as a translation expert on our post-show panel following the reading of Helmer Hardcore by Jakob Weis and we are thrilled...
love 2017
July 4, 2017

Erica Chestnut

In 2012 a vivacious young woman joined [Foreign Affairs] for a whirlwind two years. Erica’s personality and generosity immediately brought life and laughter to the company. Wearing her heart on...
Franck Jeuffroy in rehearsals 2017 love 2017
June 1, 2017

Franck Jeuffroy

Franck Jeuffroy joined the company in 2015 and soon became a key part of our ensemble of actors. Behind Franck’s kindhearted and charismatic personality (which conquered our hearts), a talented...
love 2017
May 9, 2017

Paul Russell Garrett

Back in 2012 Paul joined [Foreign Affairs] with the UK debut of his translation of the Danish play The Contract Killer and has never left! Over this five years we...
love 2017
April 11, 2017

Kamal Prashar

Since 2013 Kamal has been our technical guardian angel offering us ongoing technical advice, support, expertise and so much more! He is a whizz with the camera, a master of...
love 2017
March 7, 2017

Krzysia Balińska

Krzysia initially crossed paths with [Foreign Affairs] as part of her University theatre research on the Meisner Technique. Within a short space of time she was engaged as an intern...
love 2017
February 7, 2017

Debbie White

Debbie’s a founding member of [Foreign Affairs] and part of our ensemble of actors. From the very first day, her contribution to the company and its members has been immense...