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Our Work

In times where collaboration and understanding are so urgent and relevant, we are proud to invite UK and international performers from diverse cultural backgrounds into a space where we can actively work together, sharing differences and values and making our voices heard. We believe that by carrying out our work we can make the change we want to see in the world.

For us, placing humanity centre stage means looking beyond the English language and outside our own experience. Wanting to bring these human experiences to our local audiences means that translation is at the centre of what we do. We bring the worlds of theatre and translation closer together by offering translators a unique theatre programme which immerses them in theatre practice. This helps support their working practice and in turn brings more world texts into the English language.

Audience experience is at the heart of our work. Because we are more often than not presenting work from different cultures we need to bring the audience into that world and take them on a journey with us. Often working in community spaces and unconventional venues, we aim to create an immersive atmosphere beyond conventional theatre offering a unique and intimate experience connecting our audience to this wider world.

Investing in the personal, creative and professional development of the people we work with is at the core of what we do. Our international ensemble company share skills whilst creating the company’s theatrical language and we have been supporting and promoting emerging female theatre makers with our creative internships since 2013. We are also currently extending our reach into community youth participation.

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Become a friend and support our artistic development and our in-house ensemble. Our work explores theatre writing and practices from around the globe. We engage with communities outside the realms of theatre, giving us insight into practices beyond our own, to share with audiences and theatre-makers alike. Our productions traverse artforms, incorporating cross arts genres and multimedia elements.

You can help us move our work to the next level, to continue to make theatre that knows no borders and to take our work to new places and audiences.

You will get behind the scenes insight into our artistic development, regular updates on the impact on your donation and opportunities to meet us face to face at special friend events.

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Other ways you can support the company

Our space is where we work! It’s where we come together. It’s where we support and nurture the theatre makers of the future. Without our space and the people who come together and work we will would not be able to carry our vision out.

One-off donation

£5 – Every penny and pound donated will go towards our space and developing our work.
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£75 – A company member’s wage for the day (£75 a day Equity minimum)
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‘Office hours’ – Admin, fundraising, marketing, bookkeeping and accountancy – we need your help with this!
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