Jakob Weis in London

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We are thrilled to announce that Jakob Weis, author of Helmer Hardcore – A Doll’s House 2, will be joining our festival of theatre next week!

Jakob Weis  is a dramaturge, scriptwriter and script consultant. Jakob has written more than thirty plays since his debut in 1992. He has received four nominations for the annual Reumert prize for Best Danish Dramatist, winning the award on two occasions. He has written for theatre, film, radio, animation, computer games and in 2016, he will make his debut as librettist with Hamlet, The Opera, a new version of Hamlet as part of the two-hundred-year anniversary celebration of Shakespearean performances at Kronborg Castle in Helsingør. His most recent work on the Danish faction trilogy concludes in May 2015 with the production, Von Trier – Persona Non Grata. Jakob serves as chair of the jury for Debut Dramatist, a Danish scriptwriting competition. Jakob Weis was awarded the Reumert prize for Best Manuscript for Helmer Hardcore and The Survival Handbook (Håndbog i overlevelse) in 2007, for Erase Hornsleth (Udslet Hornsleth) in 2011, he was nominated for the Reumert Prize in 2002 for The Fur Hunters (Pelsjægerne), for The Casper Christensen Complex (Casper Christensen Komplekset) in 2014, and has a long list of other awards. Jakob Weis is lecturer and mentor at The Danish National School of Playwriting.

Jakob Weis has been translated into French, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian, among others, and now English.

Jakob’s visit to London has kindly been supported by the DANISH ARTS FOUNDATION.

You can read more about the festival here.

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