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FUTURE // The Helmer Project
– featuring Helmer Hardcore by Jakob Weis

Henrik Ibsen died in 1906, taking the answer of what happened to Nora with him to the grave. Nora was gone once and for all, the author was dead, and from this point, we were left to imagine what became of Nora after she walked out, and many have imagined just this. For Nora’s action was as exotic then as it is now, not to say immoral. But what about Helmer? Did he just sit in a corner feeling ashamed for the next hundred years or did he become a happier, wilder and greedier man after Nora left – and did he, in reality, end up being a free man rather than a forsaken one?

Helmer Hardcore is the modern-day story of how Helmer went amok once the door had shut behind Nora.

Jakob Weis, 2007

Translating, Adapting and Performing Ibsen in a Modern Context
Taking this introduction by Jakob Weis and Paul Russell Garrett’s translation of his 2007 play as a starting point, The Helmer Project seeks to explore, examine and question two plays, Helmer Hardcore and A Doll’s House. This will be achieved by focussing on the character of Torvald Helmer, as imagined by Weis, but also by pairing a new translation and adaptation of Ibsen’s original with this modern-day sequel. Paul Russell Garrett and Siân Mackie, in collaboration with [Foreign Affairs], will develop a thrilling, concise and fast paced version of A Doll’s House, placing a strong emphasis on character development, whilst maintaining Ibsen’s voice and staying true to the core of the original story, ensuring the play is accessible to traditional and non-traditional theatre goers alike.

A production of the two plays to be performed in repertory under the working title The Helmer Project is scheduled for spring 2015.

5 Days of [Foreign Affairs]

The cast of Helmer Hardcore:
Hugo Trebels, Ian Keir Attard, Jason Denyer, Krzysia Balińska, Polly Attala & Will Timbers.

Day 4 & 5 will include:

  • A rehearsed reading of Jakob Weis’ Helmer Hardcore – A Doll’s House 2.
  • A live theatrical trailer for The Helmer Project.
  • Talks with the author and translator.
  • An open panel discussion looking at ‘Translating, Adapting and Performing Ibsen in a Modern Context’ on the
    Thursday, and a more general discussion on the Friday falling under the theme, ‘Theatre and Translation’.

A pop-up cash bar with drinks and snacks will be open from 7.15pm onwards.
Venue – Pop-up Theatre, 37 Kingsway, WC2B 6TB
Tickets – £6 per event // £5 per event when booking two or more * // £20 for the full festival **

* A discount will automatically be applied when booking two or more different events.
** This international festival will include a film screening, live performances, a UK premiere, an art installation as well as talks with authors, translators, academics, theatre practitioners and artists. The festival will provide a unique opportunity to discover how an ensemble theatre company works and how a performance practise incorporating interdisciplinary collaboration is developed.

5 Days of [Foreign Affairs]

A festival of theatre in the heart of London

Pop-up Theatre
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10-14 November 2014

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