[Foreign Affairs] Translates! 2016 Showcase – PRESS RELEASE

[Foreign Affairs] theatre company presents three brand new European theatre translations live on stage.

This evening of new translation extracts, to be performed at the Above the Arts – Arts Theatre on 9 and 10 December 2016, is the culmination of [Foreign Affairs] Translates! a six month workshop programme to help develop theatre in translation.

Three exceptional female translators working from Swedish, Hungarian and Croatian were chosen to participate in the inaugural programme launched in July 2016. Working with a team of language and theatre translation experts alongside [Foreign Affairs] team of producers, directors and actors, the translators will bring the renowned and award-winning words of August Strindberg, András Visky and Ivana Šojat’s to an English speaking audience.

Recognizing that translation is so often a solitary process [Foreign Affairs] Translates! was designed to give theatre translators the opportunity to see their work performed whilst still in development, bringing them closer to live performance by immersing them in theatre practice and giving them the tools to facilitate a more symbiotic relationship between performance and text.

The public sharing will comprise performed extracts from Siân Mackie’s translation from Swedish of August Strindberg’s play To Damascus; Jozefina Komporaly’s translation from Hungarian of András Visky’s radio play The Unburied. The Saint of Darkness and Valentina Marconi’s translation from Croatian of Ivana Šojat’s play Unterstadt. The sharing is directed by [Foreign Affairs]’ artistic directors Trine Garrett and Camila França. The six month programme is produced by [Foreign Affairs].

A post-show panel with the project’s creative team, including literary translators Paul Russell Garrett, William Gregory and Roland Glasser, will shed light on this unique translation process and reflect on the range of contemporary themes that emanate from the plays including migration, identity, religion and sense of belonging.

About the Plays

Strindberg’s To Damascus documents the Stranger’s circular journey to the brink of despair and back, as he moves from disillusionment, loneliness and nihilism to a position where he attempts to look towards the light and accept the kindness of those around him.

Mother Theresa is the central figure of Visky’s The Unburied. The Saint of Darkness, an allegory of her life that draws parallels between her sense of vocation and Antigone’s sense of duty to bury her brother. The play connects the two figures through their need to bury the dead, but also to care for the genuinely needy ‘sea of unburied bodies’.

Guided by an old family friend following the death of her estranged mother, Ivana Šojat’s Unterstadt sees Katarina embark on a journey through her family’s history. Family ghosts from her recent and remote past reveal their destinies shedding light on her own origin as a member of the German national minority in Croatia. This story of four generations of women living through the 20th century addresses civil rights, cultural identity and collective guilt.

‘As a theatre company we aim to bring people together through shared stories from our neighbours around the world that can inspire, enlighten and engage. In a cultural landscape where the Brexit decision has only highlighted the need for tolerance, understanding and empathy we continue to cultivate a space to promote multicultural exchange and dialogue.’ Trine Garrett – Co-Artistic Director [Foreign Affairs]

‘We are delighted to be working with three incredible female translators and proud that [Foreign Affairs] Translates! facilitates the process of plays being translated into English by helping the words move from page to stage in a vital way, giving non-English voices a crucial platform.’ Camila França – Co-Artistic Director [Foreign Affairs]

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Listings information:

[Foreign Affairs] Translates! 2016 Showcase

Friday 9 & Saturday 10 Dec 2016, 7:30pm

Above the Arts – Arts Theatre
Great Newport Street

£12, £10 concessions
Online: artstheatrewestend.co.uk

Foreign Affairs
Rose Lipman Building
43 De Beauvoir Rd
N1 5SQ