We love sharing international theatre and are truly excited to be bringing these plays to east London. It wouldn’t be theatre without a dialogue and we have put together a couple of post-show discussions with the translation team and this year’s participants.

Join the [Foreign Affairs] Translates! translation team as they discuss how we can begin to tackle the relative dearth of translated theatre in the UK, and how the [Foreign Affairs] Translates! programme could be a contributing factor in the reversal of this trend.

Chair: Catherine Boyle is Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies at King’s College London. She has directed the theatre translation project ‘Out of the Wings’ since 2008 and she now directs the project Language Acts and Worldmaking, dedicated to the promotion of teaching and research in Modern Languages. She has translated widely for theatre and is co-director of Head for Heights Theatre Company.

Panel: Paul Russell Garrett, Roland Glasser and William Gregory

Join this year’s translation programme participants as they reflect on the experience of the process and how it has impacted their work to date.

Chair: Jozefina Komporaly is a London-based translator and academic.
Jozefina is editor and co-translator of the volume ‘Matéi Visniec: How to Explain the History of Communism to Mental Patients and Other Plays’
(Seagull Books, 2015) and of the critical anthology ‘András Visky’s Barrack Dramaturgy: Memories of the Body’ (Intellect, 2017). Her translations from Hungarian and Romanian appeared in Words Without Borders, Asymptote, Exchanges, Index on Censorship, Trafika Europe. Jozefina was one of the participants in the inaugural [Foreign Affairs] Translates! Programme (2016), during which she developed the translation of András Visky’s ‘The Unburied’.

Panel: Lani Calvert, Liisa Muinonen-Martin and Nozomi Abe

Translation Showcase // Vol. 2

19 & 20 January 8.00PM
Doors 7.30PM

Rose Lipman Building
43 De Beauvoir Rd
N1 5SQ

Post-show talks:
19th – Translated Drama
20th – From Page to Stage

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Rose Lipman Building
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