We first met artist David Ben White back in 2009 through his wife Debbie who we were training with at the time, and who has since become a core member of our ensemble of actors.

In 2012 Dave commissioned us to collaborate on his award winning installation project – Temples To The Domestic at the Clifford Chance Law Firm in London. This, our first ever collaboration, saw us creating theatre amongst a series of domestic installations and was instrumental in helping us consolidate our performance practice and language.

As our friendship and working relationship grew Dave joined our 5 Days of [Foreign Affairs] Festival in 2014 with an art installation created specifically for the occasion, and the premiere screening of ‘Temples to the Domestic’, a short film documenting our previous collaboration.

Dave is incredibly talented, endlessly inquisitive and highly articulate and his artwork reflects his personality and always sparks lively debate. Dave has a big heart and is a master in the ancient art of conversation. We often lose track of time discussing politics, philosophy, art, culture, society and everything in between with him. Furthermore, whenever you think you are getting to know him he always surprises you with yet another hidden talent.

We love having Dave as one of our dearest and ‘oldest’ [Foreign Affairs] friends and we are always thrilled when the opportunity arises for us to collaborate with him again.

We have conducted a mini ‘interview’ with Dave which we hope will give you an insight into why he’s one of our favourite people.

We will be sharing our love over social media and through our newsletters and we invite you to join us – #FALoves and have your say!

Images by Camila França Photography and MK Films.

Born to Lucy and Ian White and grew up in a musical household with my brother, Francis (now called Eg). We played in bands together and then drifted apart. Eventually, found my way into art and all of its manifest possibilities. Met Debbie and we now live in Walthamstow, which we love. My studio is in Stratford and I work in there most days. I worked with [Foreign Affairs] on a magnificent project entitled ‘Temples to the Domestic.’ I want to work with them again…

How many languages do you speak?
English and a bit of hebrew from when I lived in Israel and did Ulpan. (School on kibbutz.)

What’s your favorite place in the world?
Sicily, and in particular Palermo. Amazing place! Multi-culture and a history that is extraordinary. A close run-up would be Marseille. I love their African/mediterranean combinations.

What’s your hidden talent?
When I was 13-14, I sang in Covent Garden, in Mozart’s Magic Flute as one of the three genii. I loved the experience, which proved very influential on my future life.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
A friend recommended Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artist’s Way.’ A brilliant way of thinking in terms of creativity.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
It’s time that women took over- men have had their time.

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