We are working on a Research & Development period with director Ria Samartzi and translator Valentina Marconi on an English language version of multi-award winning Croatian play Unterstadt, adapted from the novel by Ivana Šojat.

The play chronicles the lives and trials of a Croatian family of German descent from early 20th century through WW2 and till after the collapse of former Yugoslavia. It explores themes of memory, legacy and cultural identity on a personal and a collective level. Totalitarianism and fundamentalism are explored through the lens of the individual and the atrocity of war is presented through the female gaze.

This project will involve workshopping scenes in order to fine-tune the translation and structure as well as a rehearsed reading of the play in order to gather feedback.

We are looking for dynamic actors who have:

  • excellent reading skills
  • an interest in world theatre
  • an interest in play development and collaborative practice

Please see casting breakdown below.

Important dates

Public reading:
Thursday 4 July 2019

Application deadline:
Monday 27 May 2019, 17:00

Monday 3 June (evening)


Tuesday 4 June (morning/afternoon)


Note: native or near-native German speakers are mandatory for some roles (see the breakdown for details). Please be considerate of the conditions when applying.

Click on title for more details.

ENSEMBLE (Greta, Snejana, Second Woman)

Playing age: 20 – 40
Essential: Bilingual (English/German)

ENSEMBLE (Klara, Elza)

Playing age: 20 – 40
Essential: Bilingual (English/German)

ENSEMBLE (Adolf, Rudolf, First Partizan, Walter)

Playing age: 20 – 40
Essential: Bilingual (English/German)

ENSEMBLE (Peter, Slaven, Second Partisan, Antun)

Playing age: 20 – 40
Essential: Bilingual (English/German)

ENSEMBLE (Marija, Rebeka, Romanowicz-Russcukova, Angel, First Woman)

Playing age: 20 – 40
Desirable: Bilingual (English/Croatian)

ENSEMBLE (Horvat, Franchek, Marko, Deda Dregan, Major, Stjepan)

Playing age: 30 – 40
Desirable: Bilingual (English/Croatian)

Actors from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

If you have any access requirements, please let us know.



Monday 3 June (evening) and Thursday 4 June (morning/afternoon) 2019

Monday 24 June – Wednesday 3 July 2019, part-time, up to 4 full days per actor

Rehearsed Reading
Thursday 4 July 2019
*full day availability required on this day

Please note, rehearsals will take place in Haggerston.


This is a part-time unpaid job.

The project is financed on a shoestring budget and everyone are (and have been) working on a voluntary basis.

We have submitted an ACE Project Grant application and are currently in the process of applying for additional funding.

If ACE funding is granted, a set fee based on Equity/ITC recommended rates has been allocated for each actor.

If we are unsuccessful in securing any financial support for this project, these would be unpaid roles with a minimum commitment of 3 days in total for each actor with rehearsals scheduled around availabilities.

We will be able to confirm our funding status during the audition process.


Please send your CV and headshot to by  Monday 27 May, 17:00.

Auditions will take place on the evening of Monday 3 June and the morning/afternoon of Tuesday 4 June 2019.

**When applying please confirm your availability on the audition dates.**

This production company has signed up to the Protecting Actors Fringe Charter, helping to ensure all cast and crew operate under safe and fair working conditions. Protecting Actors : SHIELD: 17326


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