Actors for a semi-immersive theatre production of three new plays in translation. The public sharing will comprise performed extracts in English of these new plays (part-time rehearsals).

Dynamic actors with an interest in:

  • World theatre
  • New writing

We’re looking for a multicultural cast to take part in our annual world theatre showcase with the following skills,

  • Good line learning skills
  • Native or near-native English speakers
  • Interest or experience in movement, physicality and ensemble work
  • Experience in the Meisner Technique preferred but not essential

Please see casting breakdown underneath each play description.

Important dates

Showcase dates:
Friday 18 & Saturday 19 January 2019

Application deadline:
Saturday 08 December, 12:00pm

Monday 10 December

15:30 – 17:00 or

18:30 – 20:00


Please click on title for more details.

Where I Call Home

Where I Call Home by Marc-Antoine Cyr is a play about racism, identity and what it is to be French (or British, with a few changes). School teacher Kevin has never had such a “colourful” class, so he’s come up with the idea of “The Big Project” – getting to know each other. His partner, a police officer, is holding a suspect – a minor, who claims he hasn’t done anything. He just wants to go home to his mum, to a place where his identity is not in question. But he’s growing fur, his teeth are becoming pointed … and the wolves are calling him …

Martin Martin 14. Martin Martin is part naïve, part aggressive. He just wants to go home to his mum, but his experiences is causing him to become increasingly alienated. He’s hanging out with the wolves. He can’t bear their taunts – but he’s becoming one of them.

  • 1 male actor (playing age 16 – 24)
  • Ethnicity: Middle Eastern, Black-African, Mixed Race

This actor will also be playing a role in Asian Souvenir – see the separate breakdown.

Kevin Kevin. Schoolteacher. Apparently well-meaning, Kevin Kevin is exploring the idea of otherness as much for himself as for his students. He concludes that ‘everyone is the same’. Question: should we discuss difference, or is the discussion itself taboo?

  • 1 male actor (playing age 28 – 45)
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Laurie Laurie. Police officer. She’s happy to record Martin’s age as 16 if it means she can pin this attack on someone. She’s fed up with people invading what she calls home – different accents, different languages, people who don’t look you in the eye…

  • 1 female actor (playing age 28 – 45)
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian, Mediterranean

Man Alive

Man Alive by Franz Xaver Kroetz This play concerns mini-tragedies: a man unable to ask his boss for his favourite pen back; a woman standing at the supermarket checkout without enough money; a son telling his father he’d rather be dead than turn out like him. Through the small events of everyday life, Xaver Kroetz creates an exploration of human purpose, and the balance between living for others and living for ourselves.

Martha. The wife; ordinary, about forty years old, a bit chubby but not unattractive, very honest and practical

  • 1 female actor (playing age 36 – 46)
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Otto. The husband; also ordinary and about forty years old, enjoys smoking and drinking, somewhat nervous and jittery; in his finest moments he seems almost elegant

  • 1 male actor (playing age 36 – 46)
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Ludwig. The son; a friendly lad, about 15 years old, looks more like his father than his mother, growing tall, but is shy and reticent; listens a lot, doesn’t speak much

  • 1 male actor (playing age 16 – 24)
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Asian Souvenir

Asian Souvenir by Martha Márquez explores the theme of migration; it’s a collection of stories of people from all around the world who are war victims, asylum seekers or have left their homelands in search of a better life. The play takes place is a series of containers at the port of a fictional city in which, on arrival, an unspecified newcomer becomes the witness of each one of these stories. Based on real events, Asian Souvenir offers a closer look at the particular situation of the human beings involved in this global and immensely relevant subject.


  • 1 female actor (playing age 26 – 46)
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian, Mediterranean

This actor will also be playing multiple smaller roles as part of the storytelling concept and vision for this piece.

Policeman. Colombian.

  • 1 male actor (playing age 26 – 46)
  • Ethnicity: Black-African, Black-American, Black-Other, Caucasian, Mediterranean

Myong-Hee. A woman from North Korea.

  • 1 female actor (playing age 26 – 36)
  • Ethnicity: Asian – South East



2018 Rehearsals
Saturday 15 December – daytime (times tbc.)
Sunday 16 December – daytime (times tbc.)

2019 Rehearsals
Saturday 05 January – daytime (times tbc.)
Sunday 06 January – daytime (times tbc.)

Saturday 12 January – daytime (times tbc.)
Sunday 13 January – daytime (times tbc.)

Thursday 17 January – daytime (times tbc.) – EVERYONE
Friday 18 January – daytime (times tbc.) + SHOWCASE

Please note that these dates refer to total rehearsals of all three extracts, therefore not everyone will be needed for all dates.

* Rehearsals will take place in Haggerston


This is a part-time unpaid job.

The project is financed on a shoestring budget and everyone are (and have been) working on a voluntary basis. We are currently waiting to hear from various funding bodies and will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to cover basic costs (including an expense fee for actors involved). If ACE funding is granted, a set fee based on Equity/ITC recommended rates has been allocated for each actor.

Showcase dates: Friday 18 and Saturday 19 January 2018
Show venue: Rose Lipman Building in Haggerston


Please send your CV and headshot to by  Friday 08 December, 17:00.

Audition is on Monday 10 December, 15:30 – 17:00 or 18:30 – 20:00. Please note you’ll be required to stay for the whole hour and a half on either of the slots as the audition will be held in a workshop format.

The performance is a great opportunity to showcase actors’ work for invited agents and/or relevant industry people. Past showcase actors have gone on to work with the company regularly and/or joined the [Foreign Affairs] Ensemble.

**When applying please confirm which audition slot you’re able to attend.**

This production company has signed up to the Protecting Actors Fringe Charter, helping to ensure all cast and crew operate under safe and fair working conditions. Protecting Actors : SHIELD:13657


This evening of new translation extracts, is the culmination of [Foreign Affairs] Translates! a six month training programme to help develop theatre in translation.

This year we have another trio of translators who will be working with a team of language and theatre translation experts alongside our team of theatre-makers and actors. The translators will bring the words of Marc-Antoine Cyr (Québec), Franz Xaver Kroetz (Germany) and Martha Márquez (Colombia) from page to stage.

The public sharing will comprise performed extracts of the aforementioned plays. The sharing is directed by [Foreign Affairs]’ artistic directors Trine Garrett and Camila França. The six month programme is produced by [Foreign Affairs].


Formed in 2010 by Camila França (Brazil) and Trine Garrett (Denmark), [Foreign Affairs] is an east London based international theatre company with a focus on pushing artistic, social and creative boundaries through translation, ensemble work and performance in unconventional venues.

The company still adheres to its founding ideal: to cultivate a creative environment in which people from all walks of life can come together to explore work and develop new and exciting ideas to share with the world.

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