– Actors for a showcase production of three new plays in translation. The public sharing will comprise performed extracts in English of these new plays (part-time rehearsals).

Dynamic actors with an interest in:

  • World theatre
  • New writing

We’re looking for a multicultural cast to take part in the showcase. We are particularly interested in seeing British East Asian/Chinese and British East Asian/Japanese actors as well as Black-African and white British or Scandinavian performers. Each actor will play roles across at least two of the extracts. Please see casting breakdown underneath each play description.

  • Good line learning skills
  • Native or near native English speakers
  • Interest or experience in movement and physicality
  • Experience in the Meisner Technique preferred but not essential


This evening of new translation extracts, is the culmination of [Foreign Affairs] Translates! a six month workshop programme to help develop theatre in translation.

Three exceptional female translators working from Chinese Mandarin, Japanese and Finnish were chosen to participate in the 2017 programme. Working with a team of language and theatre translation experts alongside [Foreign Affairs] team of producers, directors and actors, the translators will bring the renowned and award-winning words of, Gu Lei, Izumi Kyoka and Marie Kajava’s to an English speaking audience.

The public sharing will comprise performed extracts of the aforementioned plays. The sharing is directed by [Foreign Affairs]’ artistic directors Trine Garrett and Camila França. The six month programme is produced by [Foreign Affairs].


THE NIGHT OF TEN PEOPLE by Gu Lei (hailed as one of China’s most promising modern writers)
The play is set in Beijing and tells the story of a magician who works in a nightclub. On his nightly walk home, he passes many different members of society; a vegetable seller, a beggar, a hopeless writer. Their stories become part of his dreams, and his dreams become entangled with reality. The play displays Chinese culture in a creative way and the dialogue provides a realistic representation of Chinese life.

For this play we are particularly interested in seeing British East Asian/Chinese actors as follow:

  • 2 Male actors (playing age 28-38)
  • 1 Female actor (playing age 28-48)

TENSHU-TALE by Izumi Kyoka
天守物語 (Tenshu Monogatari) is a Japanese play published in 1917 by 泉鏡花 Izumi Kyoka (1873-1939), a playwright who has been described as the ‘Japanese Edgar Allan Poe’ or the ‘father of Gothic tales’. It is set on the top floor of Himeji castle where there is believed to be an entrance to ‘the other world’. Tomi-Hime, the monster princess who reigns this strange world, falls in love with a human falconer, however, what they have in front of them is nothing but obstacles.

For this play we are particularly interested in seeing British East Asian/Japanese actors as follow:

  • 1 Male actor (playing age 28-38)
  • 1 Female actor (playing age 28-38)

FAMINE by Marie Kajava
Nälänhätä (Famine) explores hunger as a form of suffering prevalent in both developing and developed nations. Nälänhätä was staged by Helsinki’s Teatteri Takomo and is due to be translated into Swedish and adapted into a radio play for the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. In its review, Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat wrote: “The questions the play raises may not be new, but playwright Marie Kajava’s multi-faceted and strictly ascetic approach makes it into a powerful viewing experience,”. A critic for Hufvudstadsbladet, the Swedish-language daily, noted: “Marie Kajava’s masterful play exposes the West’s inability to tackle crises that don’t affect it directly”.

We are looking for a Black-African actor (Male or Female) playing age 28-48 as well as one male and one female actor (playing age 28-38) white British/Scandinavian.


2017 Rehearsals
Friday 15 December – daytime (6 hours – time tbc)
Saturday 16 December – daytime (6 hours – time tbc)
Saturday 30 December – daytime (PENCIL)

2018 Rehearsals
Friday 05 January – daytime (6 hours – time tbc)
Saturday 06 January – daytime (6 hours – time tbc)

Friday 12 January – daytime (6 hours – time tbc)
Saturday 13 January – daytime (6 hours – time tbc)

Thursday 18 January – daytime (6 hours – time tbc)
Friday 19 January – daytime (6 hours – time tbc) + SHOWCASE

Please note that these dates refer to total rehearsals of all three extracts, therefore not everyone will be needed for all dates.

* Rehearsals will take place in Haggerston

Showcase dates: Friday 19 and Saturday 20 January 2018
Show venue: Rose Lipman Building in Haggerston

The project is financed on a shoestring budget and we are waiting to hear from other funding bodies. With that in mind we have accommodated rehearsals on a part-time basis and we are able to offer a contribution of £50 towards expenses at this point in time.

Please send your CV and headshot to by 5pm Wednesday 06 December.

Audition is on Friday 8 December, 11am – 12:30pm or 1:00 – 3:30pm. Please note you’ll be required to stay for the whole hour and a half on either of the slots as the audition will be held in a workshop format.

The performance is a great opportunity to showcase actors’ work for invited agents and/or relevant industry people.

**When applying please confirm which audition slot you’re able to attend.**

This production company has signed up to the Protecting Actors Fringe Charter, helping to ensure all cast and crew operate under safe and fair working conditions. Protecting Actors : SHIELD:13657


Formed in 2010 by Brazilian Camila França and Dane Trine Garrett, [Foreign Affairs] is an east London based international theatre company with a focus on pushing artistic, social and creative boundaries through translation, ensemble work and performance in unconventional venues.

The company still adheres to its founding ideal: to cultivate a creative environment in which people from all walks of life can come together to explore work and develop new and exciting ideas to share with the world.

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Important dates

Showcase dates:
Friday 19 & Saturday 20 January 2018

Application deadline:
Wednesday 06 December, 5.00pm.

Friday 8 December, 11am – 12:30pm or 1:00 – 2:30pm

Foreign Affairs
Rose Lipman Building
43 De Beauvoir Rd
N1 5SQ