Formed in 2010 by Brazilian Camila Fran├ža and Dane Trine Garrett, [Foreign Affairs] is an East London based international theatre company with a focus on pushing artistic, social and creative boundaries through translation, ensemble work and performance in unconventional venues.

Responding to the gender gap in the industry, [Foreign Affairs] actively promotes and encourages gender equality. Joined over time by a plethora of talented women the company is today composed of a fearsome female creative team and acting ensemble of men and women from eight different countries. Invested in a combined performance practice of physical theatre and Meisner Technique the company creates accessible work that crosses boundaries, embraces difference and places humanity centre stage.

The company still adheres to its founding ideal: to cultivate a creative environment in which people from all walks of life can come together to explore work and develop new and exciting ideas to share with the world.


[Foreign Affairs] produces thrilling and engaging site-found physical theatre rooted in translation, alongside the occasional radio play, short film and documentary!

Since our first event in a derelict East London pub in 2010, we have been bringing vibrant theatre to unconventional venues and new audiences across London. Our productions aim to reflect their venues, creating an immersive experience; pop-up theatre at its best!

Rooted in physical theatre we translate and often remix the classics (Ibsen, Strindberg, Chekhov, Schnitzler) through movement, word and audio-visual technologies; work with translators on new plays; and occasionally throw in a little Shakespeare, food and drink – all with an eye to exploring contemporary ethical, social, political and gender related themes.

You can see a full list of our productions, including five world and UK premieres, here.

Rose Lipman Building
43 De Beauvoir Rd
N1 5SQ

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