Dear friends and colleagues,

We are devastated by the result of last Thursday’s vote and the unprecedented turn of events that has since occurred. Four days on and we still feel like we are living in a different world.

Yet, as we all face so many questions, doubts and uncertainties, it is our humanity that binds us together regardless of our geographical origin.

In these distressing and uncertain times we feel, more than ever, that dialogue is imperative to bring people together.

We feel it is our duty and mission to continue on our creative journey, and through friendship, openness and collaboration to create work that knows no borders.

So, we will carry on doing what we know best – connecting with artists, each other and our audiences, and bringing people together through theatre to share stories from all corners of the world that can lift, inspire and bring optimism and hope to the new generations.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

We are and always will be Foreign Affairs.

Trine & Camila

#theatre #beyondborders

Foreign Affairs
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