A Doll’s House

Henrik Ibsen  (1979)
Translated by Siân Mackie + Paul Russell Garrett


This was a small production of the famous play performed in what seemed to be a former office or municipal building. I personally liked the minimalist and stark modern set all in black with strategic furniture and other items contrasted in white. Likewise, all the players were dressed in muted shades of blue and grey, except, of course, Nora’s tarantella costume which was a vivid pink. The animated drawings on the back wall were also an excellent touch. For such a fringe production the acting was surprisingly good, overall. I particularly liked Trine Garret’s Nora who excitedly displayed the nervous energy and frivolity of a spoiled wife in the first half. Jason Denyer as Dr Rank was also memorable for his quiet and moving resignation to his inevitable fate. My only criticism would be that the argument scenes between Nils and Kristine and then Torvald and Nora did become slightly shouty which does not really work in such an intimate space as the dialogue becomes somewhat lost. Ibsen’s plays are such classics and I have seen several stage and screen versions of A Doll’s House. This play would be a good introduction for the novice.

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