A year of theatre that knows no borders …

Whilst busy preparing for our translation showcase – Snapshots from Afar – taking place on 18 and 19 January we have been looking back at 2018 and couldn’t let it go without sharing some of our highlights with you!

January 2018

Translation Showcase // Vol. 2

Image Luca Migliore

The second translation showcase, the culmination of our translation workshop programme with our three fabulous translators Lani Calvert, Liisa Muinonen-Martin and Nozomi Abe, took us on a thrilling journey through China, Finland and Japan.

February 2018

Translation workshop @ SOAS

Image Camila França Photography

In collaboration with SOAS, we were thrilled to host a translation workshop with special focus on Japanese drama with Nozomi Abe.

March 2018

Spring Equinox Show

Image Luca Migliore

For the third year running, we welcomed spring with our one-off spring equinox celebration which drew inspiration from the Bard himself.

April 2018

[Foreign Affairs] Translates!

As per tradition, we launched our translation workshop programme – [Foreign Affairs] Translates! – at the London Book Fair at Olympia. We got a head start at the Translation Symposium: 60 years of Working Together, hosted by the Translators Association, with a panel talk and mini-workshop on Henrik Ibsen with Deborah Dawkin, chaired by our very own Paul Russell Garrett.

May 2018

[Foreign Affairs] Ensemble

Image Camila França Photography

We were thrilled to expand our in-house ensemble of actors, performers and theatre-makers and today we count 8 nationalities and more than 10 languages spoken. The [Foreign Affairs] Ensemble is a collective of theatre artists and practitioners from around the globe that meets regularly to exchange knowledge and develop new skills.

June 2018

Open House

Image Luca Migliore

For the second year running, we hosted our Open House festival. Born out of a desire to expand the ways we share our work, the mini-festival was conceived to open up the company’s inner workings to the general public, offering insight into the company’s practices.

June 2018

[Foreign Affairs] Translates!

Images Camila França Photography

We kicked off the third volume of our translation workshop programme designed to facilitate the process of plays being translated into the English Language and promoting world drama in the UK.

October – November 2018

ALTA Conference

In October we sent joint artistic director Trine Garrett across the Atlantic to take part in the American Literary Translators Association’s (ALTA) annual conference ALTA41: Performance, Props, and Platforms in scenic Bloomington to talk about our translation workshop programme and translated drama in the UK.

November 2018

A Place Called Home

Images Luca Migliore

In response to the Pandora’s box that the Brexit vote has unlocked, we have felt compelled to explore the concept of home in our adopted homeland, with the aim of having an active voice in a debate we in many ways were not invited to participate in. Our explorations culminated in a one-week public creative laboratory – A Place Called Home – which included award-winning drama from our native countries (Brazil and Denmark) and a public sharing of our current ensemble production in development exploring the impact of the uncertainties surrounding Brexit.

December 2018


We are over the moon to have reached our target before the end of 2018! We literally wouldn’t have been able to reach our initial target without all the amazing people who have donated, supported and pledged so far. Thank you all so much for helping us reach this milestone.

As our initial campaign was scheduled to end on 13 January crowdfunder allows us to stretch our goal (to £1760) and continue fundraising until that point. So if you can still help us, any further funds we can raise above our initial target will help us invest in additional digital marketing and advertising to help us reach as many people as possible as well as to supplement artistic fees and expenses for the amazing artists involved.

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