2018/19 Season

We are excited to announce our 2018/19 season, A Place Called Home. Throughout this season we will be exploring the meaning and concept of home in response to the current political climate surrounding Brexit and immigration. Our enquiry will culminate in an intimate, immersive production which will see us drawing inspiration from the countries we call home.

We invite you to join us on this journey, which will be packed with world theatre, public programmes and opportunities for UK and international theatre-makers to engage with each other and grow.

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We look forward to seeing you in the near future!

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Open House | 22 - 24 June

For the second year running, we will be hosting our mini cultural festival, inviting you to attend a weekend of theatre, talks and debate, and opportunities to discover and explore our collaborative approach to theatre.

The public programme will include a rehearsed reading of one of our current projects, followed by a talk with the artistic team, a creative discussion between speakers and guests entitled ‘Where is home? A reflection on home, immigration and Brexit’ and a taster workshop featuring some of the company’s practices.

In connection with our Open House, we will also be running training workshops for actors, performers and theatre-makers throughout the month of June.

[Foreign Affairs] Translates!

– Bring your translation off the page

Applications for our translation programme open on Tuesday 10 April.

Catch us at this year’s London Book Fair at Olympia. Are you a translator with an interest in translating for the stage? Want to know more about our programme? Or do you have questions on how to apply? Drop us a line or connect with us on social media to arrange a brief coffee meet-up during the book fair.

Aiming to break the often solitary process of translation, [Foreign Affairs] Translates! is a practise-based programme designed to give emerging theatre translators the opportunity to see and respond to their work performed whilst still in development.

The programme runs from July through to December 2018 culminating in a public showcase in January 2019.

Discover more about the programme here.

A Place Called Home | November

This year our autumn production (also our season title) sees us producing a series of short plays taking inspiration from the countries we call (or used to call) home presented as an intimate, immersive production, where audience experience takes centre stage.

We will be dipping into memories and cultural connections; dreams and plans for the future, all with the aim of interrogating the concept of home – Where is home? What is home? What does home mean to you? – All set against the backdrop of Britain’s imminent exit from the EU.

We are always looking into new approaches and ways to enrich our practice. Our interest in collaborative processes will permeate our project, and we are thrilled to announce that a call for short plays from Brazil and Denmark will open shortly.

Translation Showcase | January

For two nights only, in January 2019, we will be hosting a showcase of brand new translation extracts which will be the culmination of [Foreign Affairs] Translates! – our six month workshop programme to help develop theatre in translation.

This year’s participants will be announced in July 2018.

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